Mission Statement

“Qui confidet in divitiis suis corruet iusti autem quasi virens folium germinabunt”

-Proverbs 11:28

St. Mary’s Athletic Department Mission Statement

St. Mary’s School is committed to excellence in athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence in education, community, and spirit. St. Mary’s embraces the philosophy that a well-rounded athletics program is an integral part of the school’s educational mission. The athletic department dedicates itself to the pursuit of excellence in athletics within the framework of the school’s academic community and education objectives.

The mission of the St. Mary’s athletic department is to promote the intellectual, physical, and moral development of students. Participation in athletics helps our students grow and learn while developing their personal, physical, and intellectual skills.

St. Mary’s athletic department is committed to instilling in students, through athletic training and competition, habits valuable to personal development, moral character and success in life. These include: strict adherence to codes of fairness and respect; embracing the discipline and hard work needed to reach one’s potential and highest level of performance; commitment to teamwork and working with others in pursuit of a common goal; sportsmanship and respect for one’s opponents by accepting victory with humility and defeat with grace; high standards of ethical behavior, personal integrity and responsibility on and off the field. The athletic department takes pride in knowing that our coaches are educators and our athletes are true representatives of the St. Mary’s student body.

St. Mary’s recognizes and values the important role that athletics plays in creating a sense of community in the school through engagement of students, faculty, staff and alumni. Involvement in athletic competition brings with it yet another reason for the St. Mary’s community to be proud. It serves to strengthen bonds and build loyalty in a healthy manner while serving as an excellent opportunity for the greater community to understand the values and ideals St. Mary’s embodies.

St. Mary’s athletic department commits itself to the unquestioned integrity of its athletic programs by strict adherents to St. Mary’s School policies and OSAA rules and regulations. All athletes, coaches, staff and individuals involved, directly or indirectly, with athletics must adhere to a level of conduct that brings credit to themselves and the school and promotes the values and goals associated with St. Mary’s mission as a Catholic academic institution.