Crusaders News · Senior Spotlight-Jacob Sacks

1. What sports did you play at St. Mary’s?
I played basketball and golf and middle school football, baseball, and track.
2. What lessons did you learn through your experience in athletics, that you will take with you after graduation?
I learned from St. Mary’s sports that there will always be ups and downs in whatever it is I do but no matter the situation, I must never forget that there will always be a positive take away; the only way to succeed is to learn from your failures. Furthermore, I will forever go into my life journeys buckled down and ready for wherever the ride takes me.
3. What are your plans for next year? College?
In this case the ride is taking me to the university of Washington where I will be studying political science and business. I look forward to continuing to play intramural basketball as well.
4. Anyone you would like to thank?
 I’d like to extend a huge thank you to coach Richard Vasey for always reminding me how much I love basketball. From our yearly March madness fiascos, to having you as a coach senior year, I can’t possibly thank you enough for your impact on me as a young athlete from 6th grade PE til now and for all you do in our community. You are amazing in all you do, thank you.