Crusaders News · Senior Spotlight-Margot Devillers

1. What sports did you play at St. Mary’s?
During my exchange year at St Mary’s school, I did cross country and track and field.
2. What lessons did you learn through your experience in athletics, that you will take with you after graduation?
Through that experience, I learned how important it was to have a team spirit and to be able to surpass your limits.
3. What are your plans for next year? College?
Next year I am going to start university in Belgium and study engineering. I will also keep doing track and field in a sports club.
4. Anyone you would like to thank?
I would like to thank the school for giving the opportunity to live a senior year like a real American student. Thank you also to all the people I have met here, my year would not have been the same without them. And I won’t, of course, forget the Rotary which gave me the chance to live this wonderful experience.