Crusaders News · Senior Spotlight-Anais Fang

1. What sports did you play at St. Mary’s?
I played varsity tennis for all four years.
2. What lessons did you learn through your experience in athletics, that you will take with you after graduation?
I’ve played doubles all throughout high school– this has taught me the importance of mutual support and teamwork. When one person isn’t feeling themselves, it is our job as teammates to lift her up, give her our support, and cheer for her. I’ve also learned the importance of sunscreen. When you are playing in 90-degree weather every day, sunburns are inevitable and sock tans are not desirable…
3. What are your plans for next year? College?
I have not yet committed to a college, but I plan on studying international relations.
4. Anyone you would like to thank?
 I would like to thank Mr. Ritter, our tennis coach from my Freshman year through Junior year. The team really did grow, starting with Mr. Ritter’s first coaching season. We have grown together, from a group of freshmen that have never even touched tennis rackets to a competitive team in the district!