Coed Middle School Cross Country, Coed Varsity Cross Country · Dobry, Crusaders shine at Crusader Invite

(Taken from todays Mail Tribune Article:

Marissa Dobry was strong from start to finish as she dashed past the field by nearly two minutes for the St. Mary’s girls cross country team, which had eight of its competitors in the top 10 at the 28th annual Crusader Invitational at Bear Creek Park on Tuesday.

“Marissa ran with the fourth-, fifth- and sixth-place boys, and it pulled her along by running with them,” said St. Mary’s coach Joe Volk. “We ran in control and practiced running in a pack for a big portion (of the race).”
Dobry, a senior, won the five-kilometer event with a time of 20 minutes, 11 seconds, while second-place finisher and fellow Crusader freshman Emma Bennion finished in 22:09, followed by Gianna Isola (22:34).

“(Bennion and Isola) ran together and had a really good last kilometer,” said Volk. “They made up ground over the final kilometer to pass the girls from Lakeview and Cascade Christian.”

“Emma’s only a freshman so it’s good to see as a young runner that she has really good race smarts.”

The Crusaders next race at the Marist Invitational on Friday. Dobry won the event as a junior.

Full list of full results visit:

Top 10
BOYS: 1, John Shipley, Cascade Christian; 2, Jason Elliot, Hosanna Christian; 3, Daniel Cooper, Hosanna Christian; 4, Evan Koenigsman, St. Mary’s; 5, Nathaniel James, Rogue Valley Adventist; 6, Ben McAnally, St. Mary’s; 7, Wyatt Lewis, Cascade Christian; 8, Jeff Fairbanks, Cascade Christian; 9, Joe Hagy, St. Mary’s; 10, Kyle Deiter, Lakeview.

GIRLS: 1, Marissa Dobry, St. Mary’s, 20:11; 2, Emma Bennion, St. Mary’s, 22:09; 3, Gianna Isola, St. Mary’s, 22:34.2; 4, Lily Taylor, Lakeview, 22:34.6; 5, Madelyn Scott, Cascade Christian, 22:37; 6, Madeline Volk, St. Mary’s, 22:48; 7, Lindsey Gurr, St. Mary’s, 23:00; 8, Meg Vasey, St. Mary’s, 23:42; 9, Kaylee Wu, St. Mary’s, 24:03; 10, Melody McGrath, St. Mary’s, 25:41.